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Construction Defect Repair Experts

Construction Defect can be the result of defective building materials, faulty design, improper site planning, poor workmanship, or a combination of all those things. HL Restoration delivers the highest quality service in the industry. With an extensive resume of exceptional property restorations and winners of the National Restoration Association annual award for a Construction Defect project – we are an industry leader. Working alongside attorneys, engineers, consultants, property managers, and property owners throughout the entire process helps us account for contingencies that could be missed by someone less experienced and may help reduce overall cost.

HL Restoration offers the following construction defect services:

  • Accurately estimate cost for the most difficult and complex projects.
  • Take properties apart and put them back together correctly.
  • Assist with the design & creating the schedule for the project.
  • Expert witness– Construction Defect Specialists.
  • Selective demolition during the investigation to assist with discovery.
  • Produce the work for the projected cost.
  • Complete job done on occupied structures.
  • Work closely with engineers and consultants.

Why clients choose HLR for Construction Defect Services

  • We have been in business since 1932, this provides assurance we are committed to correcting your defect properly once and for all.
  • Fully trained and certified. Our trained and certified team makes sure that the quality and safety of work is guaranteed.
  • We involve product manufacturers in our process to insure compatibility and compliance with our finished product.
  • Ongoing communication. We hold weekly on-site meetings and provide written weekly updates to ensure our team and yours is on the same page every step of the way.
  • We implement quality and sustainable long-term solutions that ensure your home or commercial establishment stands strong.

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Construction Defect Repair Services.