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Construction Defect can be the result of defective building materials, faulty design, improper site planning, poor workmanship, or a combination of all of those things. HL Restoration delivers the highest quality service in the industry. With an extensive resume of exceptional property restorations and winners of the National Restoration Association annual award for a Construction Defect project – we are an industry leader. Working alongside attorneys, engineers, and consultants throughout the entire process helps us account for contingencies that could be missed by someone less experienced, and may help reduce overall cost.

HL Restoration offers the following construction defect services:

  • Puts true costs to a project
  • Selective demolition during the investigation to assist with discovery
  • Experts in taking properties apart and putting them back together correctly
  • Assist with the design & schedule of the project
  • An expert witness– Construction Defect Specialists
  • Produces the work for the cost we project
  • Can get the job done on occupied properties
  • Work with engineers and consultants

What are the Different Types of Construction Defects?

Generally, there are four types of construction defects: design deficiencies, construction deficiencies, material deficiencies, or subsurface deficiencies.

Design Deficiencies

Design professionals, such as engineers or architects, do not often work as specified, which can result in construction defects. Common design deficiencies relate to buildings outside of the specified construction codes. For example, roofs with a design defect may have inadequate structural support, poor drainage, intrusion, and water penetration.

Construction Deficiencies

Poor workmanship may result in a long list of defects. For example, if one area of your building has poor water infiltration, your structure is at risk for mold. Other problems include the dry rotting of wood, cracks in walls or foundations, plumbing leaks, mechanical and electrical problems, or pest infestation.

Material Deficiencies

Using inferior building material causes significant structural problems, such as windows that leak even when properly installed. The reasons for window leaks vary: improperly applied building paper, rough framing, cracked window frame, or lack of sheet metal drip edge.

Common manufacturer problems with building materials can also include deteriorating building paper, asphalt roofing shingles, waterproofing membranes, and other wall products.

Subsurface Deficiencies

Many homes and commercial establishments are built on areas that lack a stable foundation. A shaky foundation may result in cracked floor slabs or foundations. If subsurface conditions are improperly compacted, your property will experience improper settling to the ground, shifting structures, and flooding.

Quality Construction Defect Repair Services from HL Restoration

We implement quality and sustainable long-term solutions that ensure your home or commercial establishment stands strong

When you choose our services, you will experience:

  • Quick response. Our 24/7 team is at your service whenever, wherever. Just give us a call, and we’ll be at your establishment or home ASAP.
  • Ongoing communication. We keep you and your insurance agent informed at every step of the way. We want to keep everyone involved in the loop always.
  • Fully trained and certified. Our trained and certified team makes sure that the quality and safety of work is guaranteed.

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  • "HarenLaughlin Restoration is almost completed on a restoration project at my building in River Market, First + Main. They have been the utmost professional. The job communication has been impeccable and the contractors they have working have been nothing short but amazing. If I ever hear of others needing restoration work, I will definitely suggest HarenLaughlin Restoration."

    - Adam Jones, First + Main

  • "I have had nothing but positive experiences with every team member I have encountered. Very timely, and very fair. They even brought our entire staff lunch one day! They go above and beyond which is very appreciated!"

    - Kimberly Andress, Lincoln Property Company

  • "I highly recommend HL Restoration. All of the staff members are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills, and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other Water Damage Restoration Service."

    - Jessie Brown

  • "We had a main sewer back-up affecting a third of our finished basement. They arrived 90 minutes after I hung up the phone . . . on a Sunday! Went to work immediately and was back four days in a row exactly when they said they would be there. Cleaned up and hauled out everything contaminated. They did everything they said they would and more!"

    - Richard Triola