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Biohazard Cleanup Experts - Emergency Response Team

Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences, and failure to properly remove such contaminants can contribute to extremely unhealthy and sometimes even dangerous environments.

Understanding Biohazard Cleanup

Unlike standard residential or commercial cleaning, biohazard cleanup is a service that requires specialized tools, industrial equipment, and appropriate certifications. Improper cleanup of hazardous wastes can raise safety and health concerns, as well as cause further damage to property.

Why Proper Disinfection Matters

In cases of accidents or deaths where blood is present, there is a risk of exposure to biohazards ranging from bacteria like MRSA to viruses like Hepatitis and bloodborne pathogens (BBP). Improper cleanup of this and other body fluids can also result in disease outbreaks and structural damage to property.

When these spills are treated with topical solutions and are spot cleaned, the area has not been disinfected properly. These cleaning methods have only suppressed the lingering bacteria. These methods may miss entire sections where the body fluids or the blood had pooled on the floor or underneath the carpets. This causes two concerns: the growth of bacteria and the return of unpleasant odors.

Biohazard cleanup contains the contaminated area and undertakes the removal of hazardous materials and also includes virus cleanup and sanitation.

Specialized training and experience is key when it comes to cleanup of biohazard situations. With our 24/7 Emergency Response Services, HL Restoration’s technicians are trained to handle all types of biohazard waste disposal, ranging from sewage cleanup and sanitation services to hoarder cleanup services.

HL Restoration offers the following Biohazard Cleanup Services:

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Trauma cleanup including blood and bodily fluid
  • MRSA decontamination and protection
  • Advanced odor treatments
  • Hoarder cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup
  • H1N1 decontamination

What to Expect from Our Cleanup Services

Once you hire us, expect our cleanup crew to arrive as soon as possible. When we arrive on your property, we will bring all of the equipment and supplies needed, including cleaning supplies and hospital-grade disinfectants, biohazard waste containers, protective gear, and more.

Our team will then clean and disinfect every object and surface in the affected area. Depending on the situation, our team might need to remove the cabinets and drywall or carpet to ensure every area is sanitized. Our primary goal is to remove any substance that could harbor dangerous germs and bacteria. After cleaning, our team will then restore the area to its pre-loss condition.

Benefits of a Cleanup Services

  • Ensure a safe environment. Our cleanup services reduce your exposure to health risks, which includes several life-threatening diseases. When unclean and unsafe conditions are present, call our service professionals to make sure those you care about are not exposed during and after the cleanup.
  • Easier cleanups. Even if you have personal protective equipment and the tools needed to clean hazardous waste, it could take days before you can truly clean and sanitize the area. Professional services come with heavy-duty cleaning equipment, saving you more time so you can return to your normal routine faster.
  • Compassionate services. If your home or business was the scene of a traumatic or violent event, the remaining biohazard evidence serves as a painful reminder to your loved ones or employees. Cleaning up such evidence is difficult, so leave the task to our compassionate professionals.

Why Work with HL Restoration?

We are a compassionate team of trauma scene managers, bio-technicians, and medical waste transporters dedicated to keeping you and your family/employees safe. Our licensed and insured team offers quality biohazard services 24/7.

If you urgently need our services, call (913) 890-3473for our emergency hotline!

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