, Water Main Breaks & Your Property, HL Restoration

Water Main Breaks & Your Property

Many may think that water main breaks are more of a traffic nuisance than anything else, but oftentimes they cause much bigger issues for the surrounding area homes and businesses.

Gallons upon gallons of water can be spewed into the street at an extremely rapid rate and can flood nearby properties, causing catastrophic damages and potentially putting a business out of service for weeks at a time. Sometimes the extreme water flow can even open up large sinkholes.

Main breaks happen for various reasons. Overly dry or wet weather causes the ground to shift, typically resulting in ‘round breaks’, wrapping around the diameter of the pipe. Sudden pressure fluctuations and the normal aging process of the mains can also cause breaks, typically resulting in lateral breaks running along the pipe.  Roots of mature trees or settling buildings can also result in cracked or burst underground water pipes.

, Water Main Breaks & Your Property, HL Restoration

 A broken or clogged water main will need repair or replacement of the pipe, depending on how serious it is and exactly where the damage is located will be the deciding factor between a few hours or a few days’ worth of repair work. The city is in charge of fixing breaks in the public mains, however, a homeowner will be responsible for repair or replacement of the water main supply line directly connected to house.

Click here to see photos of a recent water loss that HLR responded to that was caused by a water main break.

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