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Water Loss- what now?

Have you ever experienced a large emergency water loss event at your property or workplace? If you haven’t, chances are that when such a disaster strikes you aren’t sure of what to do.

Whether the water loss is a result of a broken pipe, a broken water heater, or storm flooding, there are actions you can take to ensure quick action and prevent further damage to your business.

What to do after a Water Loss:

  1. Account and/or care for all personnel, residents, employees, tenants

  2. Secure property and keep all unauthorized personnel out

  3. Confirm that the main water source is shut off

  4. Save/Secure any damaged or defective source of loss items

  5. Confirm the HVAC system is operating

  6. Begin a log of events with dates and times

  7. Begin a log of damaged items and photograph everything

  8. Save all receipts for expenses incurred as a result of the loss

  9. Contact Insurance Provider

  10. Remove and/or secure all valuable items (documents/computers/etc.)

  11. Do not cross contaminate by walking into unaffected areas.

  12. Do not tamper with the source of the loss

  13. Do not tamper with the area where loss occurred

  14. Do not ever step or walk into standing water

  15. Do not plug in or turn on any electrical items

  16. Contact a mitigation & restoration company as soon as possible

We all know that losses never happen at a convenient time, so the best way to ensure a quick response and to prevent further loss of property is to have an emergency plan in place and have a mitigation and restoration company that has emergency services, such as HarenLaughlin Restoration, as your go-to.

Download the HL Restoration phone app and have confidence that your emergency is under control. Time is essential to keep damage, costs and repair time to a minimum. The matters of emergency service mitigation, property damage restoration, and working with owners, managers and insurance providers are all things we do every day, and do it well.

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