, High Water Ahead!, HL Restoration

High Water Ahead!

Spring & Summer in the Midwest involve a lot of fast moving storms that can produce extremely heavy downpours. Oftentimes, the ground can’t absorb the water as fast as it is coming down, resulting in flash flooding that can cause Over the Ground Flooding in your property. Over the Ground Flooding is different than floods caused by a leak in a roof or a burst pipe inside your property because as the water is traveling over the ground, it is picking up unknown contaminants.

Below are some facts to know if your property suffers over the ground flooding:

  1. Over the Ground Flooding can bring contaminants into your property from the outside that can cause serious health risks

  2. Most affected porous materials should be disposed of, as they usually cannot be properly cleaned & sanitized

  3. Affected semi-porous or non-porous materials need to be properly cleaned and sanitized by professionals

  4. Affected structural areas of your property need to be cleaned, sanitized, and properly dried out by a Property Damage Restoration Professional

  5. If you suspect electrical wiring or appliances have been affected by water damage, call an electrician before turning your power back on or using affected appliances

If your property suffers damages from over the ground flooding, call HL Restoration to ensure proper drying and restoration of your property. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year- simply call our Emergency Response line at (913) 890-3473.