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Working in Occupied Structures

Working in occupied structures is a common occurrence in the restoration industry. Having property owners on site during mitigation and reconstruction can be valuable and problematic at the same time. Damage to property is not a planned event and most clients have not been through the process or mitigation and restoration.

The key is constant communication with the property owner and or their onsite representative. Properly setting our clients expectations and making sure they understand the process will make the project go smoothly.

Examples of this would be providing schedules, daily updates for mitigation and weekly updates for restoration, explaining asbestos and lead testing, what access to the property will be needed and how the communication between the contractor and the insured’s carrier and adjuster works.

Mitigation is messy, noisy, hot, and depending on the demolition required it can also be disruptive. The repair work or restoration process is also messy and disruptive. The carrier must be kept informed of all aspects of the loss as they are generally providing the funding.

HL Restoration provides our clients with our “Client Expectation Sheet” which explains this process in detail. Recommendations such as having property owners keep a journal of events, receipts, and photographic documentation are suggested just to name a few.

If you would like a copy of HL Restoration’s client expectation sheet please contact us.