HL Restoration’s Steve Tutt Interviews Nicole Neely from Crossroads Westside

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Steve Tutt Welcome back to HL Restorations Impacting Midwest industries. Today, I have Nicole Neely with Crossroads Westside. Welcome, Nicole.

Nicole Neely Thank you for having me.

ST I’ve been trying to and get you in the studio, and I finally got you here.

NN Here I am. Patience pays off.

ST We are excited to have you. We want to learn a lot more about your property, but tell us a little bit about your background and how you became the manager at Crossroads Westside.

NN Well, around 2010, I got into the multifamily industry as a part-time leasing agent and realized how much I loved it and every aspect of leasing. I worked my way up to assistant manager shortly after and then went on to becoming manager, and then worked all the way up to a regional manager with Signature Property Management. 

Then, I had an opportunity that was thrown on in my lap that I couldn’t resist going to Crossroads Westside. I just really love to be onsite and working with the people, and helping people find their next step. You face all different situations, whether it’s new couples, divorce, all sorts of stuff. 

I’ve been there since day one. We had our first move-ins in February of 2018, and I was there starting in October of 2017, so Crossroads Westside is my baby. I call it my empire. I just hold a lot of pride in that place.

A Little Bit About Crossroads Westside

ST Well, from what I can see, you’re doing a great job. Tell us a little bit about the company that owns Crossroads.

NN So, Cityscape Residential out of Indiana, Indianapolis are our builders, and Proxim Management is our third-party management company. They all work under the same office, so they’re all hand in hand. It’s not owner-managed, but they all definitely work together. They’re both phenomenal companies. I can’t say good enough things about the partners and everybody that works there. They’re definitely a company that is very hands-on, and I’m very grateful for it.

ST Now, is Crossroads Westside the only property they have, or do they have multiple?

NN So, we have Meridian at View High, which is in Lee Summit, and then we have a new build that’s being built right now in downtown Lee Summit, and they also have properties in Kentucky and Indianapolis.

ST Are they growing bigger here in the Kansas City area?

NN Yes. Nothing that we can speak on yet, but they’ve got some stuff in there.

ST Tell our listeners why they should move there.

Why People Should to Move to Crossroads Westside!

NN Well, first of all, our customer service is amazing. We really strive to make sure that the resident is not just a number on the door. They have a name, this is their home, and we need to make it as enjoyable as we can. 

Our apartment homes are modern. Full-size washer and dryer in each unit, which is a big thing for downtown. We offer multiple parking options in our garage. We have surface lots. The amenities have game rooms, we have a 24-hour fitness center, we have a yoga center, and we have a pet spa so residents can wash their pets. All in all, it’s a great community.

ST With you being in the industry so long and being at this location, what is the number one reason that people choose Crossroads Westside?

NN I would probably say the location and staff and, of course, the amenities. The location is a suburb, it’s in the crossroads of districts where, pre-COVID, there’s a lot of fun activities, walkability to the restaurants, we have green space, we have a dog park, we have actual grass. It’s a cityscape, and it’s fun city life, but we still have the green space.

ST What’s the biggest hurdle that you’ve run into, and how did you overcome it?

NN I think the day-to-day business of leasing. We’re always filling vacancies and getting new residents into their new homes, so I think the day-to-day leasing because the job scare was the biggest thing with everybody receiving furloughs and getting laid off, so having people still make that commitment for 12 months or more not knowing what the future holds. Then, of course, collecting rents.

We’ve done very, very well. We’ve closed out numerous past months with zero delinquency, which is amazing during these times, but it also means working with your resident to give them fair housing, which we cover 100%. We’re human, they’re human, we understand what’s going on in the world, but just giving that extra compassion to our residents to help them, say, “We’re here to help you,” and just help them through that.

ST Congratulations on making it through all that. What is the weirdest thing that you’ve ever seen in someone’s apartment?

NN At my previous company, walking into an apartment full of inflatable furniture all over the place, from the bedroom to the living room. I have a current resident, which I think is really cool, I was walking in, and we were doing pest control, and we were walking in, and her brother is a 3D printer, and she’s got this huge T-Rex head coming out of her wall, and it’s really coo,l, but when I walked in, I was just like, “Whoa, what is that?!” I like to see everybody’s different ways and how they utilize the space that we have.

ST I bet in your industry you see some ideas that you pick up from tenants.

NN This job has really opened my interior decor. Being able to see everything and being there from day one, it’s definitely opened my eyes.

ST So, I’ve been in Kansas City pretty much all my life, and I’ve realized after meeting you that you were probably in the top 10 of the biggest Kansas City Chiefs fan that I’ve ever gotten to know. So, with that being said, in your community, do you hold a lot of Chiefs parties and things like that?

NN Yeah, we definitely feed off the watch parties. We’ll provide snacks and drinks and stuff like that, depending on what day of the week it is and stuff like that. We definitely try to get them involved.

ST Who is your favorite Chiefs player?

NN I have a lot of favorites. Of course, Mahomes is up there. I’m a huge Tyreek fan. Tyron Matthew has my heart, as well. I love him. He has a great story, he’s a great leader.

ST Would you rather be a great player with a trash legacy or an average player with a great legacy?

NN I want people to remember me, but I don’t want a trash legacy. That’s a hard question.

ST Well, I appreciate you coming on this show, Nicole. I have one last question for you. If you were to pick a restoration company, what company would it be here in the Kansas City area? 

NN Well, duh, HL Restoration. In my community, we’ve had two unfortunate situations that you’re well aware of, but I literally called HL Restoration both times, and they were there in minutes. You guys did an amazing job. I don’t know what I would’ve done without the support of you and your staff. 

The customer service was phenomenal, the response time was phenomenal, and if it happens again, which it shouldn’t, you guys are our first call. You’re awesome. You’re a great asset to our company, and you always know if we need something, so it’s a pleasure to have the business relationship that you and I have. Thank you very much.

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