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AJ From HL Restoration Talks Matterport Technology and Spirit Animals

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Steve Tutt: Welcome back to HL Restoration’s impacting Midwest Industries. I’ve got alongside me AJ with HL Restoration. He has come and joined us today to tell you about a little bit the technology Charlie was mentioning in the first episode. AJ, tell us a little bit about this Matterport. What is a Matterport?

AJ: Matterport is a combination of this camera right here and a software program. Basically what it does is it makes a 3d tour based on camera scans and with that you can use it to walk through a space. You can use it to measure walls, ceilings, doors, windows –  anything you need to. It also provides high-definition photos, 360-degree looks at any space in your building, it also offers up schematic for plans that can populate into Xactimate or any other estimating program

ST: Yeah I know that a lot of the clients are requesting this right now and a lot of the insurance carriers are requesting us to come out and use this Matterport. Can you tell us the benefits of that?

AJ: There are a lot of benefits actually specifically right now with the COVID-19 guidelines in place, we can do one of these scans send it out to an insurance adjuster and they can basically adjust this adjust the claim remotely. They never have to set foot on site. It will improve their scope accuracy, it’ll reduce their travel time to almost zero, and it will also be a good document to adjust their claim down the line.

ST: I’ve seen this personally and I know a lot of you out there have not. If you haven’t we’re gonna put a link [here] that you can click on. [AJ], you’ve actually taken a tour of one of your old neighbors’ homes that moved away.

AJ: Yeah I’ve done this a bunch of times but this one specifically that we’re gonna share provides a link to the neighbor’s of mine. He moved the other day and so he basically had a clean house to walk through and you can kind of see exactly what it can provide.

ST: Yeah, can you kind of walk them through kind of what they’re gonna need to do once they click on that link.

AJ: Oh yeah! Click the link and it’s very user friendly. All you do is walk through the house with your mouse, obviously on your computer, but it’s very self-explanatory.

ST: Yeah, and it also offers up a dollhouse view. So, you can get outside the house, look at it from the outside and look at all the different aspects of the house from kind of a bird’s eye view and we know how you like to play with dollhouses. AJ, appreciate you sharing that with us I’m just kidding of course but if you haven’t checked it out, [click here]. AJ, how long you been with HL Restoration

AJ: About two and a half years.

ST: Yeah, and what is your title right now?

AJ: My title is senior estimator. I’ve had a few different jobs here but senior estimator is where I’m at right now.

ST: What makes you get out of bed every morning and work for HL Restoration?

AJ: Oh, I enjoy helping people put their properties back together. We usually get called out when people are at their worst and it is a satisfying job to be able to help people get back on the right foot

ST: Alright, you guys want to get to know AJ a little bit better? I’m gonna go in the next segment. Here I’m gonna ask you a few questions, AJ. Okay, I love to know these things. These won’t be rapid-fire questions; these are just questions I want to dig deep into knowing AJ better.

Alright it’s gonna get good, so I asked you what fires you up but personally,  what fires you up? What gets you out of bed every morning to wake up and attack life?

AJ: Oh well, I have a six-year-old son that beats me out of bed every morning, he’s usually the one waking me up and I have three dogs that are also ready to go every single morning.

ST: So, I just met one dog you’ve got three dogs?

AJ: Three dogs, yeah.

ST: This doodle…. What is it? The Saint Bernard doodle?

AJ: Saint Berdoodle!

ST: Saint Berdoodle! That thing’s gorgeous. If I gave you a million dollars today and you had to spend it today what would you spend it on?

AJ: If I had to spend it today I would well since we were in quarantine and that would be I’d have to think about it for a minute but I would probably end up buying a vacation house out in Jackson Hole

ST: Jackson Hole where?

AJ: Jackson Hole, Wyoming I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

ST: I’m sure I haven’t. No.

AJ: It’s a nice place to visit!

ST: Is it?

AJ: Yeah.

ST: It’s beautiful country out in Wyoming. What is there actually to do in Wyoming?

AJ: What I would be doing is backpacking, hiking, whitewater rafting, and exploring. Basically, I love that area. ‘m from that area and so I would go back in a heartbeat.

ST: So, you really don’t like Missouri and the lovely up-and-down weather where it’s snowing today and 80 degrees tomorrow?

AJ: This is not the only place that sort of weather happens and but yeah I do love the Midwest.

ST: What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done because someone dared you to do it?

AJ: oh man!

ST: It can’t be that hard to AJ.

AJ: Yeah, probably a series of cliff jumping.

ST: Cliff jumping?

AJ: Yeah, cliff jumping trying to get higher and higher above the cliffs with my friends when I was younger.

ST: So, you have no fear whatsoever of heights?

AJ: No, heights don’t get me.

ST: Oh my god! I can’t stand heights, they scare the crap outta me. What would be your spirit animal?

AJ: If I had to pick a spirit animal, it would definitely be an eagle.

ST: An eagle? Why?

AJ: Oh man, they’re just free to do whatever they want. They can go wherever at any time

ST: I just took that test, “What’s Your Spirit Animal?” Have you ever taken that test?

AJ: I have not

ST: I just took it. You know what I am?

AJ: Let me guess, let me guess! A…panda bear cub.

ST: A panda bear cub? Really?

AJ: Yes.

ST: Why a panda bear cub?

AJ: Oh I’m sure they’re pretty ferocious.

ST: I was a tiger AJ!

AJ: Yeah, a cub? A baby?

ST: Haha!

AJ: I’m just kidding Steve!

ST: Alright, last question. Who’s cuter you or me?

AJ: Oh you, by far!

ST: I knew. You’ve looked at me like that before. I could just tell but anyway guys make sure you check Matterport out by going to the link. Click to check out the Matterport. if you guys have any questions, fire them over to AJ or myself. We’d be glad to answer any questions that you have on it. Make sure you subscribe down below like, dislike, and make some comments. Let us know what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong but until next time, we’ll talk to you soon!

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