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Building Code Upgrades

Are you looking to make some upgrades to your home or commercial property? Has your home or business recently suffered from storm or flood damage and needs to be repaired? These are both very common scenarios in everyday life, and one issue that people often run into once they get started on renovations or repairs is that some portions of the structure are not up to the current building codes.


Building code upgrades are repairs to a damaged structure that are required to be completed per local building laws and ordinances.  They can be for damaged and undamaged portions of the building and are triggered only when there is a loss to the building or some type of renovation being done that will require some level of demolition or reconstruction.  They can involve any aspect of the reconstruction process including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.

Although the structure was most likely built in accordance to code, many times there are multiple updates throughout the years that can cause buildings to fall out of compliance. Code upgrade cost can be substantial, so most companies or homeowners will look to their insurer to assist in covering these expenses.  Most policies have a provision that will detail out the coverage’s that are applicable to the building codes provisions and its limitations.  There are some policies in existence that exclude building code upgrades altogether.  It is recommended for companies and homeowners to review their policy in detail so that they can be educated and prepared in the event of a loss.