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4 Common Homeowner Mistakes

There are few things in life as stressful as buying a home. All that responsibility is made even more stressful when something goes wrong, such as a flooded basement or structural issues. The true reality of the work it takes to own & upkeep a house often begins after moving in, and many homeowners fall victim to the same mistakes. Read the tips below on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Being Under-insured 

Many homeowners make the unfortunate error of underestimating how much their personal belongings are worth. Though it’s important to have your property appraised, that alone isn’t enough. To get the most suitable coverage, factor in the value of everything inside your dwelling, too, and don’t overlook the small stuff. All of the seemingly unimportant items add up when it comes to the overall value of your belongings. Everything from improvements you’ve made and appliances you’ve updated, to furniture, clothing & electronics that have to be replaced will have to be accounted for.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance

All homes require upkeep, regardless of their age. Neglecting routine maintenance, especially over a prolonged period of time, can lead to severe damages, such as a fire or flood.

A good way to stay on top of the general maintenance, it’s helpful to create a checklist that includes checking a few things every week such as doors and windows the first week of the month, and appliances like your washer and dryer the second week, to avoid getting overwhelmed by trying to do it all at once.

Making Assumptions About Your Insurance Policy

Do you fully understand your homeowners insurance coverage & deductible? If not, it’s important to get to know the ins and outs of your plan, and what out of pocket cost you’ll be responsible for in the event of a loss.

Be Prepared 

After a loss happens, there is usually a few moments of chaos as you try to assess the situation and figure out who to call. By having a plan in place and knowing who you need to call first in the event of a loss helps reduce this stress exponentially. Having your insurance carrier’s number in an easy to access location, as well as a property damage restoration company like HL Restoration, helps you stay on top of the situation.

All homes experience unexpected issues now and again. Fortunately, many are preventable with a bit of know-how. If you find yourself need of property damage repairs or mitigation, call HL Restoration’s 24/7 Emergency Response line at (913) 890-3473 for immediate assistance.