If you have hay fever or allergic asthma symptoms throughout the year, take a few steps to reduce allergens in your home.  Here are some suggestions:

Bed and Bedding:  Encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers.

Flooring:  Remove carpeting and use hardwood or linoleum flooring and washable area rugs.

Curtains/Blinds:  Use washable curtains and replace horizontal blinds with washable roller-type shades.

Windows:  Close windows and rely on air conditioning during pollen season.

Furnishings:  Avoid upholstered furniture.

Clutter:  Remove items that collect dust.  Store children’s toys, games, etc. in plastic bins.

Pets:  Keep animals out of the bedroom.  Bath pets at least once a week.  Keep pets outside.

Air Filtration:  Choose an air filter that has a small-particle or HEPA filter.

Furniture:  Use furniture made of leather, wood, metal or plastic.

Plants:  Spread aquarium gravel over the dirt to help contain mold.

Fireplaces:  Avoid using wood-burning fireplaces or stoves.

Stove:  Use a vented exhaust fan to remove cooking fumes and reduce moisture.

Sink:  Wash dishes daily.

Refrigerator:  Wipe up excessive moisture to avoid mold growth.

Cabinets/Counters:  Clean cabinets and counter-tops with detergent and water.

Food Waste:  Place garbage in a can with an insect-proof lid and empty trash daily.

Ventilation:  Use an exhaust fan to reduce moisture while taking baths/showers.

Walls:  Install tile or paint the walls with mold-resistant enamel paint.

Shower/Tub:  Towel-dry the tub and enclosure after use to prevent mold.

Toilet/Sink:  Scrub mold from plumbing fixtures.  Repair leaks.

Foundation, Windows, and Stairwells:  Repair any sources of leaks or water damage.

Air Quality:  Use a dehumidifier to reduce dampness and clean it once a week.

Storage:  Store collectibles and clothes in plastic storage bins.

Clothes Dryer:  Vent moisture outside.

Temperature/Humidity:  Maintain the temperature between 68 F (20 C) and 72 F (22 C) and keep relative humidity no higher than 50 percent.

Pests:  Control cockroaches and mice with inexpensive traps from the hardware store.

Mold:  Close doors and windows during warm weather and use air conditioning and dehumidifiers.

Weekly Cleaning Routine:  Damp-mop wood or linoleum flooring and vacuum carpeting.

Smoking:  Don’t allow smoking anywhere inside your house.

Source/Information:  Mayo Clinic