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HarenLaughlin Priority Response Program

Storm damage repair. Emergency flood control. Water damage mitigation and restoration. Commercial building managers, business owners and landlords in Kansas City utilize the HL Priority Response Customer (PRC) to ensure they receive priority response to water related emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year. Water mitigation is costly. Having downtime for your business is even more costly. Let our team of certified professional water loss mitigation specialists help you fix it right – and fast – the first time.

Thanks to PRC, you can mitigate water damage from heavy rains and get-your-business back-in-business in no time at all. Most importantly, HL Restoration is unique in our ability to not only mitigate or remove water from heavy storms, but our years of expertise in commercial construction can see the project through from emergency water removal to full repair and restoration.

Removing water from a commercial building, an apartment complex or a warehouse takes special skills and equipment. Minimizing the damage from that water takes responsiveness and quick, correct action to remove and mitigate the harm storm water can cause. Rebuilding the property from storm damage takes engineering and construction experience. HL Restoration combines all these skills with a passion for the getting the job done right.

When you enroll in PRC from HL Restoration you protect your business from water loss but more importantly, you put your business back-in-business fast.
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Water Damage Senior Care

September 1, 2015

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