Tornado Damage Single Family

Residential Restoration
3 years ago

After an F-5 tornado devastated the community of Joplin, MO in 2011, HarenLaughlin Restoration was able to assist both commercial and residential clients in their rebuilding process. Shown here is a two-story home which suffered substantial tornado damage with the porch and one-third of the roof destroyed. The interior of the home experienced substantial water damage. HarenLaughlin re-framed and repaired the damage to the roof and porch. On the interior, 80% of the drywall stripped and replaced. Interior reconstruction included new drywall and paint, interior finishes and floor coverings throughout.

As a bonded restoration firm, HarenLaughlin Restoration was able to quickly secure building permits with the City of Joplin. This home was the first on its block to begin reconstruction and the first to finish.

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