Protect Property Before a Flood and Tips After Flooding

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Prepare with Awareness and Education
Most property owners do not think about flood prevention unless their property is near water. However, most property can flood due to heavy rains, flash floods, storm surges, snowmelt, or new buildings and road construction can cause flooding as well.

You can take some basic steps to minimize your potential loss.

– First know if you are in a high risk flood zone. If your property is high risk you should partner with an industry expert to help you protect your property before a flood and know who you are going to call when you need emergency property damage services.

– All heating appliances such as the furnace and hot water heaters should be elevated and not on the ground floor.

– Ensure that the sump pumps are working and draining correctly on a regular schedule.

– Have an emergency evacuation plan that includes exits and the location of the emergency turn off valves. Practice that emergency drill at a minimum once per year.

– Partner with a plumbing expert to install proper sewage backflow prevention.

After A Flood
Mold is the biggest concern after flooding has occurred.

– Contact your property damage emergency services and insurance company immediately.

– Remove any standing water as quickly as possible.

– Remove all water damaged carpet, furniture as well as any other material that mold can grow in as soon as 1- 2 days after a flood.

– Have an electrical expert inspect any appliances that were affected by water during the flood.

– Disinfect all walls, and floors. This includes heating and air conditioning units. Again, partner with industry professionals.

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